1/365: The Blog of Genesis (Not the band)

So, today I start a blog – hardly anything ground breaking, blogging has been huge for over a decade, however being influenced by one of my comedy heroes, Richard Herring, I want to do something where I attempt to write and be creative every day.

So I begin today, on the 11th of Jan 2016 and what a strange day it’s been for British culture as we woke up to the news that David Bowie is gone. It’s a very strange feeling having Bowie gone as at times he hardly felt human, we could never imagine him dying. Throughout the day we’ve come to realise just how much he did for music, art, television, film and social attitudes in the UK.


Lucky for us he lived until he was 69 and with Bowie aware of his fate, he released a wonderful goodbye album in Blackstar. No doubt over the next year or so, we’ll all listen through the album and read in to the lyrics of every song even more so than we all did anthems such as Man on Mars or Young Dudes. The final single he released just 3 days before the announcement of his death, Lazurus, is extremely difficult to watch now as it has become very apparent that this was his parting message. He opens with the words: “Look up here, I’m in heaven”. The video also seems to portray a man on his death bed, it’s both haunting and beautiful at the same time.

Aside from the news about David Bowie, on a personal note (this is my blog after all) it’s been a strange start to the year. I’m a big kid at Christmas, I’m that 27 year old who gets excited by ‘present time’ and enjoy tacky Christmas songs and decorations – sue me. I’m also a big kid after Christmas, I hate that stale feeling between Christmas Day and new year and there is NOTHING I hate more than New Years Eve, the feeling that you have to belong somewhere and that you have to be in the most exciting of places because this is the ‘big night of the year’ and everything christmas is just tossed aside for night of piss-heads. I genuinely would happily live under a dictatorship who banned New Years Eve.

As the new year started me and my other half decided this would be our year as we made planned adventures together and took vow of healthy living and fitness. Yesterday however, we split up. So there’s proof that New Years Resolutions really do fall to shit! I’ll avoid the details here as this is blog, not a bitter 14 years olds Facebook status but hopefully we ended on good terms and she’s a wonderful woman who I’ll miss dearly. I looked forward to writing tales about her in this new blog, as she’s genuinely one of the most effortlessly funny individuals I’ll ever have the joy of knowing.

So following a sour start to the new year and pretty dire Monday to start this blog, I’ll end on a quite from her – “It’s a bad day, not a bad life”


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