2/365: Can’t believe I’ve made it this far

Tuesday the 12th of January

So with the no drinking, healthy eating and keeping a girlfriend resolutions out the window already, I was convinced that a ‘do a blog for 365 days straight’ would be over by day two, however here I am!

I thought I would use this blog to talk about about this website (www.britishfilmandtelevision.com, obviously) and where we intend to go with it. I think the original idea was to have a sort of database for various British cinema, TV drama and comedy – until I realised that there are so many sites that have done that on various levels, that we couldn’t ever compete with.

Instead I want the site to be for binge-watching obsessives, not so much your Netflix-style big US or UK shows such as Luther or Breaking bad, such shows will of course be addressed but this is aimed more towards people like me who’ll take a whole night of binge-watching and theme it around something in particular…

Whether it be a night of Rik Mayal (Bottom followed by Drop Dead and Fithy Rich and Catflap) or a night of all the sit-com Christmas Specials! If you find you or your friends/other half having these obsessive film and television marathons, this is the blog for you! Here we’ll be documenting our thoughts as we quest from series 1 – 9 of Peep Show (as an example) whilst bringing you top 10 lists of things about British television you’d never need to know. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll bring you the latest reviews of the most up to date British Cinema, however this is certainly one of those sites for entertainment over information.

So that’s the site stuff out the way, what about me? Well I’m a writer/comedian who gets paid for neither of those things so I work as a marketing executive for mobile phone retailer. This year I have a few projects I’m working on including a short-film about pirtate television in the late 1980’s and sitcom that I’m looking to complete soon with Miss Louisa Benbow, a name you will all hear of in the next few years because she’s brilliantly talented and more funny than I’ll be. I’m also working on a Youtube project, bringing back the classic TV series ‘Did you see?’ which will highlight the bizarre moments of television that couldn’t be filmed on an iPhone and uploaded to vine in real time.

So this is a bit of a vague ramble about what to expect in the coming year… It’s probably best I stop talking about it and just get on with it.

You can follow me on twitter here: @sammichaelc




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