3/365: Sam cLEEre and Herring

Wow, if I ever needed a bit of encouragement to do this blog, this is it…


The man who influenced this blog and one of my favourite comedians, Richard Herring, was kind enough to give me a shout out on his twitter feed which resulted in a lot of traffic coming to BFT. I’m extremely grateful this and just goes to show why he’s such a fucking good guy!

So as Mr Herring was kind enough to give me a shout out, I thought I would link to a review I wrote of Lord of the Dance Settee, his brilliant live show of 2015. This was placed on the Newbury Corn Exchange website, where I saw him perform: http://cornexchangenew.com/news/article/review-of-richard-herring-lord-of-the-dance-settee

This year I’ll be seeing Herring again but this time at the Old Vic in Bristol. I’ll probably stalk him after again too…


so other than having one of my hero’s endorse my blog, what else has been going on? Well luckily, I’ve not been ill today – which is good considering all the junior doctors are on strike. I fully support the strike, I think changes in the work place with no real warning or attempt to make life easy for the workers is disgusting, especially against those in the public sector responsible for keeping us alive! I just feel that the plans to expand the NHS and have it working over the weekend as it does on a week day, is just part of a bigger scheme towards privatising the NHS. A weekend NHS in an ideal world sounds great, sure, but for free? It just can’t happen, not in the current economic climate.

I had a porn star follow me today on twitter called Ella Hughes. I didn’t recognise the name (like most my followers) but she was very pretty and didn’t look (I don’t mean to offend anybody in the industry here) in any way like your traditional porn star.


I found her twitter timeline bizarre, it was full of her falsely showing gratitude to a bunch of slimy complements from men who’s twitter profile images were dick-picks – there were also images of her doing what she does best, along with her complaining about the poor customer service she’d received from a phone repair company. The fair and well-written complain was placed right next to an image of a larger Amazonian woman forcing a large black dildo in to her little body, which to be fair looked less painful than the experience she was having with the company Phone Angels. From her bio, she claims to be one of the county’s youngest ever porn stars at just 20 year old *insert best newcomer joke here*. Is 20 a bit young to be in the industry however? I regret nearly all the decisions I made at 20, luckily they weren’t filmed on camera. I’m sure the girl knows what she’s doing though and I’m certainly not one to judge, porn is such an unnecessary taboo in this country and it needn’t be!





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