5/365 Good traffic and TV

So I’ve had a few new hits and even some followers on this blog (completely forgot you could follow people on here) so hello to you guys. I think having a picture of Ella Hughes may have helped with that however in my previous post. Miss Hughes actually read the piece I wrote about her and liked it, tweeting it to her thousands of horny male followers, who I think assumed I was a woman, and in porn. The girl seems really sweet and has agreed to appear in my new Podcast series which will start within the next month. It’ll be about pretty much everything to do with British film, television, comedy, music, entertainment – the lot! Hopefully a lot fun and the more bizarre guests I can get on, the better!

Oh, and the whole ‘don’t get ill while the doctors are striking’ thing went out the window! I’ve been left bid-ridden for then next few days on various meds. It has however given me an excuse to do two things… Well three things, but we don’t need to talk about that one.

First of all, I’ve had quite a TV binge, getting in to War and Peace on the BBC iPlayer, Twin Peaks and Limmy’s Show. War and Peace is certainly epic looking and is has a great cast (Ade Edmondson!!) but it’s lacking that edge of excitement that makes you want to come back and tune-in every week – I can hardly see it building up to a big finale, regardless of whether or not you know the overall story.

I’ve also got in to Twin Peaks, which is essentially the American TV Drama that gave birth to your Breaking Bad’s, Prison Break’s, Dexter-like long running drama’s. This series is an interesting piece from renowned director and visionary David Lynch. Some Twin Peaks is so far ahead of it’s time and some of it is just so 90’s that I wonder if it was parodying the soaps and TV drama’s on in America at the time, as there is certainly a sense of humour to the whole ensemble. Apparently the prequel movie is a bag of shit and should be avoided, however I shall certainly be watching as it features a cameo from me David Bowie himself.

As I also said, I’ve been watching Limmy’s Show. I got in to Limmy via Twitter and following his interview on RHLSTP (RHLSTP!) I wanted to give it a watch and I’ve reviewed it in full, here.

The other thing I’ve been doing, is finally playing on my PS4. Now, I’m a terrible human who just can’t save his money. Before Christmas I got myself a PS4 for no real reason at all and it took me a good few weeks to get started on the games, just using it for BBC iPlayer, Netflix and the WWE Network – all things I was already doing fine on the PS3! As for the games, I got Star Wars Battlefront which is brilliant fun, although better with two. Fallout 4 which I’m scared to start as I’ll be addicted for days like I was at uni with Fallout 3, missing an entire semester! I also got WWE 2K16 which I’m yet to play (and kick ass by booking some decent matches and storylines!) and finally, I got Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Now before you start, yes it is better than FIFA, it just is. Maybe it slipped in 2009 (I don’t think it did, I just said it did to appear relevant at the time) and I’ll be writing up on this game soon as I settle down to a whole evening of PES Master League. What is my life…



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