6/365 – Man Blue, Mersey Red, Berkshire Blues – Pro Evo Memories

So being stuck in doors with bad illness (won’t go in to details) has resulted in some time spent playing Master League on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – that is when the meds I’m on haven’t put me on a bad trip, which is 80% of the time at the moment.

So in the rare time I have each day when I’m exhausted but can’t sleep – usually around 5am – I’ve been playing the odd match on Master League with Reading FC, or as they’re known in the game, the Berkshire Blues.

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There are a lot of people reading this who probably haven’t picked up a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer since 2006/07. Although I agree that FIFA, since around 2008, has been a better football game for the best part of the last decade, Pro Evo has always been the best video game in my opinion. First of all EA Sport’s FIFA has always had the bigger budget and the better marketing campaigns behind it. In the UK alone FIFA have sponsored football teams, tournaments, been constantly promoted by the Premier League’s top stars with players often tweeting (without a doubt paid) about their recent achievements and how the game helps them tactically prepare for games against opposition… hmm, sure it does.

The most recent version of Pro Evo (2016) is the first game in nearly ten years that rivals FIFA. For me, I’ve always found Pro Evo the more enjoyable game, its smaller budget makes it rather a quirky game. Tactical team accuracy and player statistics are now level with FIFA I’d say, even though their appearances may not be. For example as a Reading fan I noticed that youth-star Aaron Tshibola, who looks like this in real life…


Looks like this in Pro Evo 2016…


Not quite sure how this kind of mistake could slip through the net, then again it’s probably down to the fact Konami, a Japan based company, probably aren’t that passionate about the 2nd tier of the English Football League.

The other obvious problem is that they don’t have the budget to buy the right’s to the English League teams. If your’re a fan of European Football, Pro Evo is perfect. Konami has the rights to all the Spanish, Italian and German League teams so your Barcelona’s, Bayern’s and Real Madrid etc. They also have the rights to the UEFA Champion’s League and the up and coming Euro 2016 finals, something FIFA doesn’t have. As for us in the UK who support teams in the top two tiers we’re stuck with the wrong colour kits and names such as Man Blue for Manchester City, BK Blacks for the MK Dons, Potteries for Stoke and West Midlands Village for Aston Villa – to name a few.

The only way to overcome these slightly embarrassing faults of the game is to spend hours on end editing every team, every emblem and kit – but you would have be pretty sad to do that… like me!



So the big question is, how am I getting on so far? Well, with an fully-edited Reading FC I have managed to take the Royals to the top of the championship with only two signings – Jermain Defoe on a two year contract and Gylfi Sigurðsson on a year-long loan deal with option to buy. I’ve also sold mercenary-donkey Nick Blackman… this probably won’t mean much to many people so I’ll leave it there.


2 thoughts on “6/365 – Man Blue, Mersey Red, Berkshire Blues – Pro Evo Memories

  1. jones902000 says:

    I used to play Pro Evo all the time, but have now gone to the “dark side”of FIFA. There is nothing worse that being one on one with the keeper and getting the controls confused and you end up passing instead of shooting!


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