7/365 – Content to Consider

So recently I spoke about my original intentions for this here blog and decided to keep away from the regular written reviews and instead focus on reviewing via Video and Podcast.

Question is, how can I keep my videos fresh and make them stand out from the crowd? Fuck knows really, I guess I’ll have to do what the millions of others do online and just take a few random stabs in the dark.

I thought I would use today’s blog to actually write down the sort of things I look to start producing over the next couple of weeks. They’re all ideas in my head at the moment so to get them down on paper, well in a wordpress blog – may just help me understand what on earth I’m conjuring up in that head of mine.

Reviews –

Standard British film and television reviews, both old and indeed new including full series guides to British Sitcoms and Drama series – ‘How to binge watch…’

Did you see?

As mentioned in a previous post, I want to bring back this in a quick viral video form showing some of the most strange moment that have been lost in TV past. Moment like the time Mr Blobby was in a skit with WWE’s Rock and Big Show or when Christopher Waltz in Alexei Sayle’s sketch show… Madness

Top 5’s

Again, similar to my top 5 Alan Rickman films the other day, only in video form.

Online British Television Museum

Okay, this gets a bit strange now, this will be for the real TV geeks. We’re talking a history of TV idents, iconic moments in history captured on the idiots lantern… We’ll have to see about that one!


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