9/365 – Well, this is going well…


Okay, okay so I set myself the mission of doing 365 blog posts in 366 days and on the day I should be posting the 70th, I’m posting… the 9th *embarrassed face*

So essentially, this post is going to be a grovelling ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ with plenty of false promises to myself that I WILL complete my challenge of 365 posts/pieces of content on britishfilmandtelevision.com this year!

Having said that, if anybody reading this is a keen fanatic of British Cinema or British TV, I would be very happy to post any pieces you think might fit well on this site (not that the site has really got going yet!) and I’d be happy to pay for that content, in real money! I’m primarily looking for any movie reviews at the moment!

So where have I been since early Feb? WELL! No where really, the main factor of my silence is that real-life gets in the way. Work has been rather busy and although I’ve been working hard creating content, it’s been for work as apposed to my own site.

Another obstacle in the way of my regular blogging is my laptop deciding to break down on me! More on that later…

So, as stated I’ve been blogging a plenty recently, but for money instead of my own site and created a few bits I’ve been rather proud of. One of which is the creation of a this little piece called Leo Oscar Watch (big up to SEO company Blueclaw for designing and creating this one for us!).

With all the fuss around Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar (Because there’s been no other stories in the news related to the diverse and multicultural-celebrating award ceremony that is, The Academy Awards) we thought we would jump in and try and collect data in regards to what the public thought about Leo’s 5th attempt at going for gold (man). So where’s the best place for public opinion? Twitter of course! So we created a pretty sweet twitter scraper that could tell us, on the second, who was tweeting about Leo and whether they wanted him to win, whether they felt he didn’t deserve to win or if people couldn’t care less about white middle-class Americans who get paid millions to ‘pretend’ on camera!

Take a look and let us know what you think, I thought it was a pretty sweet app: http://www.smartphonecompany.co.uk/blog/leo-oscar-watch

Anyway, with the purchase of a brand new Apple MacBook Pro *Smug Face* I’ll be more frequent on here, with plenty of new content.

Until then follow me on social media at the links below…

Twitter: @SamMichaelC

Vine: @SamMichaelC


Cheers then,



2 thoughts on “9/365 – Well, this is going well…

  1. jones902000 says:

    I promised myself I’d blog more this year. As a consequence, my life seems to be staring at a blank white screen as I bang my head on the desk hoping the shaking might inspire something magical!

    Great blog as always.


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