What worries me most about Katie Hopkins.

Another terrorist attack – another publicity stunt for Katie Hopkins…


So here we are again, another tragedy, another day of panic, sorrow and an ignorant excuse to be racist.

There’s no doubt that those who committed the atrocities in Brussels this morning are the lowest of the low. There is no religion or belief to justify even contemplating taking the life of an innocent human going about their daily business. Like the days following the Paris attacks, we’re all feeling sad and we’re all a little scared. We may even be questioning our morals on events such as the refugee crises and how the EU is dealing with it, that’s natural; this is what these attacks are supposed to make us feel. Are these acts of terrorism an excuse to launch a tirade of abuse, spit vile insults and encourage people to pick up their pitch-forks and hate? Of course not, unless of course you’re a character who’s paid to do so like Katie Hopkins.

Yes, as another world tragedy takes place Katie ‘if you have nothing nice to say you can make a career out of it’ Hopkins has come in again to keep her name trending on social media and hateful brand filling up the news columns with a bizarre Twitter-attack that doesn’t even seem to be focused towards the attackers themselves! Today’s sickening tweets seem to be aimed at the “looney-left” Britons who showed a shred of humanity and empathy towards the refugee crises. She’s mocked the tributes that the average Joe expresses towards such events and all I can think is, why? What’s the point in this sort of abuse?

A few years ago when Katie Hopkins was offending us all by mocking children’s names, it was all a bit of a joke, right? Yeah it was harsh to mock children on the basis of what they’re called, but she was being paid to be controversial and she took that baton and ran with it to make a successful career out of being a battle-axe. It begs the question however, when does a celebrity bitch become somebody rallying racist and fascist-like hate on social media? Is this still a media game to Katie Hopkins? Bear in mind this is the woman who was reduced to tears in sympathy for children forced in to a fast-food diet in America, are we supposed to buy that she really does not give one solitary shit for not one of these refugees?! She’s paid a lot of money to spout hate in her controversial columns and this is money for her family who, due to suffering from epilepsy, she could drop dead and leave at any moment. If your recall, these children were the reason she walked out on an impressive run on the Apprentice and she shared a surprisingly heart-felt ‘goodbye’ letter she has pre-written in the case of her sudden demise, so is she really this heartless? If she could expire at any moment, maybe she’s genuinely risking it all and essentially selling her soul to the Devil (or worse, Murdoch) to get as much cash as possible to secure a future for her family.


Say, this is the case or perhaps she gets some sort of kick for airing these views and creating the controversy. Other than a few tweets, I question if she is aware of the real blunt hate she creates with each spiteful tweet. Without a doubt her tweets are disgraceful, but if you want to really disgust yourself I dare you to click on one of her tweets and scroll down the thousands of responses from her followers and the sort of things they tweet in support. Trust me if I tweeted the racist hate some of these guys do, I would certainly be reprimanded at work and quite rightly so! Her followers aren’t just the same snooty, middle-class parents who agreed with her that ‘Brooklyn is a bit of common name’ – these are hateful people who will happily bully and victimise minorities in the street and who see Katie as some sort of UK’s answer to Donald Trump. Ultimately Katie Hopkins knows her target audience, the ignorant, those who need somebody to blame and most of all, those who hate… still, as long as the  keep coming, huh?

I won’t include any of Mrs Hopkins’ tweets within this blog because they don’t deserve any more attention. Somebody’s words I will tweet however are those of LBC Radio presenter James O’Brien who so perfectly summed up the stupidity of those blaming all refugees for this morning’s attacks:


The majority of people fleeing Syria and Iraq, in particular, are fleeing a world in which occurrences like the one in Brussels today are utterly, utterly normal.

They are fleeing a world where seeing people blown up in front of them… is absolutely run of the mill.

So to use a terror attack upon Europe to somehow condemn people who flee terror attacks on a daily basis… you are effectively using a terror attack upon Europe to tell people they shouldn’t be fleeing daily terror attacks on their home”


Words worth listening too.



One thought on “What worries me most about Katie Hopkins.

  1. jones902000 says:

    Interesting blog. She’s a difficult person to understand as some comments leave you with a “I can’t believe she said that” feeling, yet others you think “D’you know what, she’s got a point and fair play to her for being brave and saying it.”


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